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Brenda Lee wit Modig Leadership

Meet Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee is a leadership expert who delivers high-energy, interactive keynote experiences that challenge audiences to get to the root of their leadership gaps. Brenda Lee’s research-based approach to helping people get unstuck and embrace change ensures that her presentations are packed with fresh insights. Audiences love her practical strategies and engaging presentations they can apply personally and professionally. Even tough to crack industries love Brenda’s style, describing her as not another ra-ra corporate sponsored session, but one that actually gets right in and digs where it matters most.

Brenda Lee earned her BA in Management Information Systems from Eastern Washington University while working full time at her first corporate job. Her strong background in computer coding education is utilized to now re-code brains, coupled with her corporate and entrepreneurship experience, makes her a perfect fit. Organizations hire Brenda Lee because of her ability to see through the minutiae and cut to the heart of problems within personal or team performance in record time.

Oh, and did we mention that Brenda Lee is a single mom of four boys? Why does that matter? Because any mama that can navigate four boys on her own must have the experience to face any challenge that can possibly come!

Alec Kelso-Capili

Holly Fleming – Events Director

With over 15 years in the community outreach and events sector, I am passionate about facilitating meaningful connections — both in business and on a personal level. 

Each interaction offers an opportunity to maximize potential, guiding individuals to the right contacts, and empowering them to thrive within their field. 

My relentless drive is a testament to my athletic background; not only was I an avid runner throughout high school and college, but I also proudly qualified for and participated in the Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in 2007, running in the Olympic Trials on April 20, 2008. 

This athletic journey instilled in me key leadership qualities, an insatiable motivation, and the ability to visualize and manifest success. 

I thrive in the company of high-achievers and am committed to equipping others with the tools and resources they need to be champions in their own unique journeys.

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