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Welcome to Modig Leadership

Where We Rewrite the Rules on Leadership Development!

Modig Leadership isn’t just another corporate training organization. We are a cataclysmic force, breaking down the confines of traditional leadership models and igniting a compelling change that echoes through your entire organization. We are the disruption that provokes extraordinary growth.

The Hard Reality

Standard leadership training is the lipstick on the pig of corporate stagnation. Plan building, goal-setting, and personality DISC training might seem like they’re making a difference, but without addressing the emotional landscape, they’re simply superficial solutions. 

Research shows that low EQ has a significant, detrimental impact on business productivity and culture. It’s not enough to have a plan; you need the emotional discipline to execute it. As Harvard Business Review indicates, “employees with high emotional intelligence are more likely to stay calm under pressure, resolve conflict effectively, and respond to co-workers with empathy.” 

How pivotal is EQ in leadership? To put it into perspective, emotional intelligence accounts for a staggering 90 percent of what distinguishes high performers from their technically adept peers. That’s right—nearly 90% of the excellence we admire in outstanding leaders is rooted not in their technical abilities, but in their emotional acumen.

The Modig Solution

Modig is here to stir things up, provoking your leaders and teams to pivot and evolve beyond their current limitations. We’re not concerned with your future plans. We care about ensuring you and your team can execute those plans by removing the emotional barriers holding you back.

Our proprietary blend of training, the Modig Method, centers EQ with pivotal components like neuroscience, communication, resilience, relationships, leadership, and vision. We teach you to understand and regulate your emotions, allowing you to communicate and lead free from the shackles of past experiences.

We don’t sugarcoat it. This is raw, transformational work. It’s the foundation your organization needs before tackling any other challenges. Without this, everything else crumbles.

If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, book a call with us today so we can create a customized plan to meet your company’s budget and goals.

Engaged employees increase customer retention by 18%

50% of employees say they’d sacrifice salary for a job they enjoyed.

Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Companies that prioritize culture have 30-50% higher retention rates.

Who Benefits?

Our ideal clients are the progressive, the disruptive, and those unafraid to shatter the status quo. We’re talking growth-minded CEOs, forward-thinking organizations, and anyone ready to embrace a new paradigm of leadership.

We’ve brought transformative change to companies like Tribute Media, Activision, Hewlett Packard, Bartlett Roofing, Bank of Idaho, Sonitrol, and Bold Group. Through our leadership summits, executive development events, and sales conferences, we guide organizations in smashing their glass ceilings and moving beyond limiting beliefs.

What We Offer
Build the Perfect Package for Your Team

If you’re looking for the same tired leadership training, you won’t find it here. But if you’re ready to shake things up and spark a revolution in your organization, Modig Leadership is your answer. Let’s ignite the change. Connect with us today to begin the transformation.

Close the gap between your team’s potential and their performance.

You found us because you know your company or organization can achieve more, but you aren’t sure how to get them fully engaged in your vision. You recognize the importance of your employees being whole and that, as humans, we can’t leave home life at home once we walk through the office door. With COVID, the lines between home life and work are blurred more than ever before.

COVID will forever alter the business operations landscape, and the difference between companies that will thrive and the ones that will crumble are those who adopt a holistic approach to both leadership development and teambuilding. Progressive employers know that when their leaders are constantly developed and encouraged to be their best self, they will unify their teams and immediately see the return in their company’s bottom line.

According to a recent study by, 65% of workers feel less connected to their coworkers since the pandemic. The metrics prove this to be a formidable threat to your bottom line. Any smart C-Suite, HR, or business owner can quickly do the math on these statistics and see how they impact their profitability. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Brenda Lee with Modig Leadership
Feedback from our clients
  • Five Star Rated

    I like how Brenda saw right to the heart of matters and didn’t waste time with feelgood crap. She got right in and started digging where it mattered the most. I thought this was going to be lame corporate sponsored ra ra session. Do it, don’t hesitate to hire her.”

    Five Star Rated
    Michael Lostra
  • Five Star Rated

    “Brenda got my team to be vulnerable and grow. There was connection! I think it has raised their EQ which will directly impact their ability to effectively manage their teams and connect with their peers. This is excellent leadership development and I highly recommend it. It was excellent. I wouldn’t change anything.”

    Five Star Rated
    Doug Bartlett
  • Five Star Rated
    “I knew it’d be great for me, but I didn’t realize how awesome it’d be for my business and personal life. Working with Brenda has definitely helped me bring out the bolder, more confident me! She helped me see that I am capable of so much more than I could see for myself…
    Ari Carlson
  • Five Star Rated
    “Absolutely go for it. It’s a no brainer! Since I started working with Brenda, definitely what my life looked like and what my attitude was six months ago compared to today is completely different. It starts from the top, and my whole crew has been changed because of the shifts I’ve made.”
    Five Star Rated
    Casey Allen
  • Five Star Rated
    “I recently had the opportunity to work with Ms. Brenda Lee. Talloo hosts Executive Peer Groups and we recently invited her into the Relevance Team to discuss the development of high-performance teams. The Relevance Team represents > $1 Billion in annual revenue with companies…
    Five Star Rated
    George Seybold
  • Five Star Rated
    “Brenda has a skillset to cut through company minutia to get to the root cause of the known and unknown limitations within your workforce holding your operations back from being its best. I’d recommend Brenda to any business owner or management team looking to strengthen their team’s synergy and emotional intelligence to compete in this “new normal” work environment.”
    Five Star Rated
    Clint Paskewitz
  • Five Star Rated
    “I have had the pleasure to have Brenda as a colleague and I can say without hesitation that C-Suite professionals should work with her. She is a master at overcoming hidden obstacles and unlocking pent up potential in C-Suite executives. If you want to achieve your highest level of success, you should work with Brenda.”
    Five Star Rated
    Ross Valentine

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