Brenda Lee wit Modig Leadership

Meet Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee is a Leadership Development and Team Building expert to some of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurs and professionals who have all the trappings of success but have hit a barrier they are ready to breakthrough.

Through her groundbreaking methodology, Brenda works with corporate teams and privately with her clients to create the most potent pathway to their Destiny in life and business- she calls this Destination Unstoppable You™, the final destination where you and your team become unstoppable.

Brenda’s career has been wide and varied, having been a corporate success before becoming an entrepreneur in male-dominated industries. Brenda has studied with some of the best therapists and neuroscientists to rise up personally, and now utilizes these experiences and teachings in her own bespoke methodology with her clients.

Brenda specializes in coaching high achievers, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to become more connected with their teams, closing the gap between their potential and their actual performance and increasing their profitability and company culture.

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