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So what does, “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows” Mean Anyway?

Our mind is a powerful machine.

With this, your success is all about your mindset.

To start off, you need to have a clear goal in mind with purpose and meaning behind it.

As you think of your goal, be sure to make a plan.

Literally map out the different ways that you could accomplish your goal. This will allow a higher level of thinking by clearing up intellectual space, allowing your brain to execute more focused action. Additionally, writing your action plan by hand will improve your memory of the goal, sparking intrinsic motivation.

Take a piece of paper, and visualize your overarching goal and all the steps that you need to take to get there.

Once you have selected your course of action, think about different obstacles that you may need to overcome, and the general steps you will take to reach these ‘mini’ goals.

Lastly, hold yourself accountable by setting a time-frame or due date for each of the mini goals you have outlined, and the overarching goal you want to achieve.

Once this is in place you can focus on your goal, and your energy will flow towards accomplishing it — without even having to think about it!

When you decide to really dial in and pour all of your energy into achieving a goal, your behaviors follow.

You are able to tune out distractions, and the time-suckers that wrap most of us in for hours, taking away from our productivity. You are more likely to be motivated to say no to things you would normally say yes to, maximizing your time.

Secondly, by taking the time to map out your goal on such a high level, you are able to act rather than react.

The majority of people deal with situations and issues as they arise, causing them to expel excess energy and preventing them from getting ahead.

However, by taking the time to consider possible issues/situations before they arise, you have already thought of how you might approach a solution. This allows you to streamline your energy towards achieving your goal.

However, your mindset is only part of the equation.

No matter how much you prepare and how positive you try to remain, life is ultimately unpredictable… You will have an off-day, and stuff will come up that prevents you from dedicating 100% of your energy towards completing your goal.

So.. what can you do to get your energy back on track?


Seriously, take five or ten minutes out of your day to sit in peace and clear your mind. This exercise can help give your brain a well-deserved break and allow you to take a refreshed and controlled approach to the task at hand!

Secondly, step out and get some exercise! Hop on the treadmill, take a walk, or go on a hike — when your blood and adrenaline are pumping, your brain is also working overtime on achieving your goals.

Lastly, put on some tunes — music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain making you happier. This boost in mood optimizes your creativity, energy, and focus!!

Are your regular jams not cutting it?

One of our favorite tools here at Modig Leadership is!! These beats are not like most- when wearing headphones, the sound waves transmitted from the music alter your brainwaves and allow you to dial in on the work you need to get done!!

Hopefully these tips help you harness your energy and shift your mindset to achieving your goals!!!!