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Staying Curious

Life-long learning is essential to your success.

No matter how much you think you know, the world around you is constantly changing. There will always be a product, idea, approach, or fact that comes out and may dramatically change the course of the world and your business.

So why not commit to staying curious?

Adopting the mindset of a student will allow you to stay innovative and competitive in the ever-changing world that we live in.

Here are our top tips to help you stay curious:

1. Embrace the mind of a child
Children constantly ask why in order to gain a better understanding of the world around them, but as we grow older, this innate curiosity fades away. We start to become complacent and rigid in our thinking, stifling our creativity and innovation.

But, this only has to be the case if you choose it.

Make an effort to get to know people better, and dive deeper into topics of interest so that you can continue to learn about the world around you!

2. Find a mentor

Mentors are a fantastic way for you to embrace continuous learning. By learning from someone else, you get to observe their creativity, innovation and risks. This can inspire you to grow your own business!

A mentor can be anyone that you look up to in an aspect of your life that you want to improve — a parent, an entrepreneur or a leader of a discipline.

3. Read, read, read

Reading is an easy and affordable way to gain knowledge from others — the content in that book may spark a million ideas.

And guess what?

You can start implementing these changes and ideas immediately, and you will start to discover new ways to reach your goals!

4. Follow intelligent people on social media

Social media is one of the quickest ways to take in new information.

Be sure to follow intelligent individuals that are in your line of work or specialize in areas of interest on social media.

Their ideas are shared freely with the world and who knows — what they post might spark a fantastic new idea in your head that you can begin implementing right away!

If you are struggling with developing your curiosity, you are in luck! Here at Modig Leadership, we offer 1:1 executive coaching, leadership development training and corporate retreats that help you break free from your old self, transforming you into a well-rounded and fully developed leader!

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