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The Conditional Gap

Last week, we wrote about how the four different versions of ourselves interact with each other and with the parental, social, school and religious conditioning that we are subject to throughout our lives.

This interaction and disconnect between who we are and what we are made to think we should be is what we call the Conditional Gap here at Modig Leadership.

The Conditional Gap is based on the differences between who we are at our core and who we have been conditioned to be.

Who we are at our core is fluid and changes — daily, weekly, monthly, annually and so on. We are fluid beings who have a purpose in life but we do not always know what it is.

However, the forces that condition us — pressures from our parents, society, school and religion are rigid and we are stuck trying to squeeze ourselves into the boxes that are not made for us — ideas surrounding how we are supposed to act, talk, dress, think, and the kind of education we seek and even the career we choose.

When our self concept and the conditions forced upon us interact, it creates a literal gap between who we were created to be and now how we are living.

When there is this gap, you are unable to operate at your peak potential.

Oftentimes, individuals will suffer from a midlife crisis where they come to the realization that the Conditional Gap exists, but they don’t have the tools to figure out what their authentic self wants.

The problem is, when we are not living our life according to who we were created to be but based on the conditioning we’ve received, it causes a discrepancy within us. We are unsatisfied with work, chasing relationships or money or something we think will fulfill us, but the reality is that we won’t have that sense of fulfillment until we discover our true identity.

No two snowflakes are the same, no two DNA strands are the same, even in identical twins. You were created to be uniquely who you are as there is no one else on the planet that brings to the world what you bring to the world.

The problem is, the Conditional Gap starts to tell us lies about who we are and we start to second guess ourselves. We tie in emotions of unworthiness and uncertainty, feeling like we don’t deserve an abundant life or success in love and work when the reality is, it’s simply not true. It’s the Conditional Gap speaking, not you, and most certainly not your creator!

Peeling back these layers of programming and providing you with the tools and guidance you need during the process of rediscovery is what we do here at Modig Leadership. By working backwards in your subconscious with our proven methodology and getting in touch with your true identity and who you were created to be, you are able to then operate at your peak potential.

We teach you the exact skills you need to reprogram the “programming” or Conditional Gap, so that you can live a fulfilling life being exactly who you were designed to be!! The quality of life dramatically increases, along with productivity and for you leaders of leaders, that equals increased profitability!