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What does Modig mean anyways? | A note from the CEO

We have been working hard over the last few months to better encompass our goals and vision for what we see as being a successful expansion. As such, it was time that our company rebranded itself in order to reflect this growth!

I was fresh out of a divorce and looking to find myself again when I realized that the same approach used for my personal life also worked for other people. It was life-changing.

As our list of clients grew, we began to receive referrals for corporate clients desiring to have the same transformational method delivered in a way that could apply to their teams. They had tasted the “pot of gold” on the other side of this rainbow and wanted it delivered in a business setting to their leadership teams.

So, we got to work and delivered on their request. The crazy thing is… it worked, and it worked better than we could have imagined!

We have seen exceptional results with massive growth, increased employee loyalty, and profitability from the company’s we’ve worked with. One company just reported a 42% production growth this last year after working with us!!!

That is when we came to the realization that divorce is not only marital. It happens to EVERYONE — retirement, an unexpected severance package, dissolution with a business partner, a midlife crisis or identity crisis, and even the shift of profitability within a company requiring them to shed their old ways and expand into a new, more profitable mindset.

Thus became the predicament to discover a brand that encompassed our diversity, while maintaining the integrity of our company that wasn’t solely focused on “divorce” work alone.

As a result, Modig was born. But what does Modig mean anyway?

Modig means brave, courageous, and bold in Swedish, and that is what Modig Leadership is all about. It takes courage to step up your game and this work isn’t for the faint of heart or the meek and mild.

No, this work is for the bold adventurers that know there is more waiting for them and don’t want to leave their potential on the table. We’ve unlocked the roadmap on how to break through the glass ceiling that holds people and organizations back.

No matter where you are in your life, we are here to help you walk down the path of re-discovery and come out the other side braver, bolder, and more courageous than ever before. With 1:1 coaching, our online courses, or diving waist-deep into your business and radically altering your leaders’ mindset, we are your go place for “the leaders of leaders” to reach their maximum potential!