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You Don’t Have to be Married to get Divorced

Oftentimes people think divorces just from a marriage and the reality is, is that’s just simply not true. So today, we’re going to unpack the myth around divorce and the other areas in life where this really can impact you.

Oftentimes people have asked us “how do you go from coaching to force people to executive team leadership?”

Well, here’s how — the bottom line is the basis of all of the coaching we do is all the same. It’s all about getting people to operate at their potential and when you’ve established and developed a methodology that works, that is proven to get people into that space like we have, you can apply this toward any area in life at all whatsoever.

So, our divorce clients kept having this aha moment where they would realize that their issues had nothing to do with their divorce. When this happens, our work is done.

Due to the success that so many divorce clients had, they started referring us to non divorce clients, who had gone through struggles in other areas such as retirement, a severance package, empty nester syndrome, etc.

After going through these major transitions, they felt lost and as if they had no purpose, and this is because they divorced a portion of themselves that they had integrated themselves with, a part of their identity. Transitions like these just rock you and it alters your inner dialogue with yourself of who you are and what your purpose is.

There’s a grieving and mourning process that happens when you go through something along those lines.

The most popular divorce that people come to us for help with is a midlife crisis. People often say they’re going through a midlife crisis and quite frankly, it’s not a midlife crisis — it’s a midlife awakening.

You’ve probably read some of our training on what we call a conditional gap. We’ve got social conditioning, parental conditioning, school conditioning and religious conditioning that we are infiltrated with. When we’re tiny. We are programmed how we’re supposed to think, act, behave, look, dress, communicate, all of it. We’re told how to be and what happens is that conditional gap literally creates a gap of who we were created to be with now how we’re living.

So when you’re behaving in a way, is living in a way, and talking in a way and communicating in a way that everybody told you had to, you can’t operate at your peak potential. So when we close that conditional gap between who you are and who you were created to be, and we start peeling the layers off of all the conditioning that you’ve been programmed with, we start unpacking that. We deprogram and tear down that programming that’s going on in your subconscious and we get you closer and closer and closer into alignment with who you are created to be.

So the reality of a midlife crisis is that you’re peeling back those layers and you’re having a midlife awakening, you’re discovering who you were actually created to be. But the challenge is people don’t have the skillset or the tools with how to peel these layers off.

That’s what we do here at Modig Leadership. We close that gap for you as an executive, as a leader so that you can operate in your optimal performance. Shoot us an email at to get started today!