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Are Your Meetings Being Ran Right!?

Have you ever left a meeting thinking “what the hell was that”??

You probably felt frustrated and upset with how the meeting went — maybe it was unproductive, you didn’t get the support you needed, or perhaps you left the room with more questions that you came with.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case!!

Here at Modig Leadership, we believe that there is a right way to run meetings that directly translates to a higher level of productivity and efficiency among teams and individuals.

Firstly, it is important to assign a group leader who helps facilitate conversation and has the ability to pivot the conversation to be back on track if it becomes de-railed.

You should also set some ground rules that are non-negotiable for the meeting. They will help to set the foundation for all meetings. Our favorites are:

  1. No “I” statements
  2. No interrupting or talking over one another
  3. No personal attacks

Some more ground rules to determine include:

  1. When and where will the meetings take place?
  2. How long are the meetings?
  3. How frequently should meetings be held?
  4. What are the goals of the meeting?

Additionally, reformat your meetings to focus on the individual team members. Each meeting, an agenda should be set that gives everyone the opportunity to share the following updates that have taken place since the previous meetings:

  • Their wins
  • Their challenges
  • Their goals
  • Their numbers (if applicable)

At the meeting, everyone at the table should go around to answer the first set of questions, then the second, so on and so forth . The group leader can interject and redirect the conversation of the group at any point to make sure that everyone will have a chance to touch on all four points by the end of the meeting.

Hitting these points allows group members to celebrate each other’s successes and provide each other with the opportunity to receive advice in areas where support is needed. It also cultivates a safe and vulnerable environment where team members feel supported and comfortable among others.

Finally, by keeping the agenda of the meeting focused on individuals’ successes and areas of improvement, a mastermind mentality will be adopted by the group.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a mastermind meeting, allow us to enlighten you.

A mastermind group is a place for peers to provide each other support with whatever they need. Essentially, it is a more collaborative mentorship where people get to solve their issues with input and advice from others.

This mastermind mentality fosters collaboration and unity among team members and allows for everyone to have a chance to share and feel recognized and support. This radically transforms each person’s productivity and efficiency, cultivating them into high achievers that can work together better.

So, next time you are preparing for a meeting, think about what you can do to create a structured and productive environment that provides everyone with the opportunity to feel valued and safe. You just might be surprised at the shift you see in your team!